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Our Projects

Chaleur Dental Clinic | Bathurst, NB

Chaleur Dental Clinic

The Chaleur Dental Clinic is a state-of-the-art dental care...

Miscou Island Lighthouse | Miscou Island, NB

Miscou Island Lighthouse

The Miscou Island lighthouse, located at the northeastern tip...

Chaleur Veterinary Hospital | Beresford, NB

Chaleur Veterinary Hospital

Chaleur Veterinary Hospital launched their new and improved...

Théâtre J.-Armand Lavoie | Tracadie, New Brunswick

Théâtre J.-Armand Lavoie

The Théâtre J.-Armand Lavoie is a new and improved theater...

MITTC - CCNB Bathurst | Bathurst, NB

MITTC - CCNB Bathurst

This new office area provides the MITTC (Metal Innovation and...

Monument - Causeway Park | Bathurst, NB

Monument - Causeway Park

The Causeway Park is a municipal green space developed along...

Campbellton Centennial Library | Campbellton, NB

Campbellton Centennial Library

The Campbellton Centennial Library is a partnership project...

Clinique Phi | Beresford, NB

Clinique Phi

Primary elements, such as wood from ThermalWood Canada, align...

Restigouche River Experience Centre | Campbellton, NB

Restigouche River Experience Centre

Located on the majestic Restigouche River, this...

Bathurst Regional Airport | Bathurst, NB

Bathurst Regional Airport

The expansion of the Bathurst Regional Airport's terminal...

CCNB Head Office | Bathurst, NB

CCNB Head Office

The Bathurst CCNB administrative offices were housed in a...

Grand-Anse Fire Station | Grand-Anse, NB

Grand-Anse Fire Station

The new Grande-Anse fire station replaces the previous Caserne...

Chaleur Medical Clinic | Bathurst, NB

Chaleur Medical Clinic

The new clinic space offers a spacious environment for both...

Belledune Municipal Building | Belledune, NB

Belledune Municipal Building

Part of a major revitalization project, this new space acts as...

Place Bathurst Mall | Bathurst, New Brunswick

Place Bathurst Mall

Initially built in 1968, Place Bathurst Mall is the largest...