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Our Expertise


Using the latest architectural and project management standards, we play a key role throughout the design and construction phases of your commercial project.

  • Retail space
  • Shopping center
  • Office building
  • Airport

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Our comprehensive approach to each healthcare environment is reflected in the efficient and sophisticated designs we deliver to our clients. Drawing on our years of experience in the field, we aim to deliver impeccable designs that improve the experience of staff and patients alike.

  • Hospital
  • Dentist
  • Medical clinic
  • Veterinary clinic
  • Care centre

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We understand that the construction or renovation of an educational building can be a complex and time-consuming venture. Our clients benefit from our expertise in coordinating key project elements, designing with maximum energy efficiency practices as well as identifying other cost-effective methods to maximize their investment.

  • School
  • Daycare
  • College
  • University

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Community projects allow for the creation of spaces that play a vital role in our daily lives and environments. Respecting community needs and working in close collaboration with each of our clients, we've designed creative architectural solutions for a wide range of community projects. 

  • Parcs
  • Monuments
  • Libraries
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Sport installations
  • Award showcases
  • City hall

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Service Industry

From circulation spaces, to rooms, to seating areas, to the bar; we've created stunning and practical environments for a variety of projects within the service industry. We work with our clients through every phase of the process - from the initial design to the last day of construction - while providing essential support and professional recommendations.

  • Restaurants
  • Breweries
  • Café
  • Franchises
  • Hotels

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Our team has decades of experience in the field of residential architecture. Through the latest architectural best practices, we guide our clients towards the full realization of their vision. With continuous assistance throughout the project we also provide valuable professional insights, such as generating opportunities from site constraints, ensuring that each residential space is optimally built. 

  • Cooperative housing
  • Condo
  • Apartment building
  • Housing units

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Each industrial space presents a unique challenge, both in functionality and in the optimal use of the available budget. Experienced investors recognize there are significant distinctions between successful industrial developments and un-successful ones. As a firm, our strategy is focused on project details that will improve your business profitability through greater efficiency, spatial flexibility and strategic foresights ensuring longevity of your investment. 

  • Warehouse
  • Workshop
  • Repair/Maintenance garage
  • Cannabis production facility
  • Fire station

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Tourism has evolved, and the competition to capture the interest of travellers has grown exponentially. Today, a serious touristic destination must work hard to not only create an environment that people will want to visit, but to also share with their peers. Our mission is simple: to create authentic spaces and experiences with cultural vivacity, innovation, creativity and quality.

  • Interpretation centre
  • Camping
  • Museum
  • Lighthouse
  • Heritage project

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