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Aratrika Roy


Aratrika takes on the role of designer on our team while she is completing her BEFA process. Her tasks include working on the design of buildings and creating various types of plans on many architectural projects.

She has completed her bachelor’s degree in architecture at Biju Pattanaik University in India and obtained an Honours Master’s Degree in architecture from the National University of Singapore, with a major in Environmental Design and Management.

Aratrika has over 8 years of architectural experience overseas working on large commercial projects, and is extremely proficient with software applications, and collaboration with remote design teams. She also worked for a year in Whitehorse, Yukon, where she completed several important architecture and renovation projects.

Fun fact: Aratrika is no stranger to adapting to international architecture codes! Her professional path brought her to work in places as diverse as India, Singapore and several countries in the Middle East.

Favourite projects: Commercial building projects, group housing and senior housing projects, and any project that involves energy-efficient design.

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